What the camera saw

Between 2014 and 2018, a multidisciplinary team of scientists gathered a treasure trove of images of the Karbonkel trawl grounds. Photographs and video footage show well-known deep-sea fishes, like hake and kingklip in their natural environment, as well as seabed  animals about which very little is known. The five-year Benthic Trawl experiment took place on …

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“I started working as an engineering cadet, right after school”

For Chief Engineer, Ronald Cottee, Harvest Krotoa provides a challenging working environment. The vessel is driven by a powerful 3 000 HP Wärtsila engine and carries a complex array of winches used to deploy and retrieve its twin trawl nets. Ronald and his colleagues, Second Engineer Oscar Seide and engine room assistants Tembekile Mnyaka and Mwuzi …

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At home on a stormy sea

Johanna Loos, Anna Toontjies and Celeste Swartbooi are three of the women who work on Harvest Krotoa. Their crew mate, Rafieka Visagie was on shore leave when this photograph was taken. In 2007, Sea Harvest became the first fishing company in South Africa to offer women the opportunity to work at sea and Johanna Loos, …

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A fisher’s life

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